Joshua Tree 2015 Testimonies

Joshua Tree Excursion February 18-26, 2015

Here are the testimonies from the tenth WilderneSS trip to Joshua Tree National Park. God again used the desert to lead us closer to his heart.

“I believe this will have a lasting effect on my life. I needed this. I needed to be broken down so that I may love, have better perspective, and know that things won’t always be great but God is still with me. Nouwen says that solitude is the furnace for transformation - and that was the case for me here.”
Nate Dresbach, 25, Missionary - Ohio State University




“WilderneSS is awesome! It forced me into quiet times with the Lord and real communication. Without all the distractions of regular life the only thing I had to do is be with God and experience his wonder! God showed me so much on this trip.”
Ken Schacher, 53, Project Manager - Minnesota




“I learned more deeply that I am weak and broken. This time cultivated in me a dependence on the Lord. I can more confidently say I’m His guy, I’m His son. God was with me here, He has fanned the flames of my heart.”
Vivake Baranwal, 27, Missionary - Ohio State




“I feel as though my discipline has been restored as it was utterly destroyed coming into this time. I have been renewed in my joy for stillness and silence before the Lord.”
Bryan Blaskowsky, 40, Logistician - Texas




“It was hard at times but these five days have been filled with great communion with God. He taught me about humility, He taught me about courage, He taught me about faith.”
Dan Luk, 30, Missionary, Ohio State




“This time has filled me with hope and encouragement. God opened my eyes to some sin and changes He wants to bring about in my life. I feel refreshed and renewed with a refueled desire for God.”
David Silvashy, 25, Missionary - Ohio State




“I enjoyed relaxed times with God as well as more intense times of prayer and supplication with a powerful encounter with God on the fourth day of solitude. God showed me just how much ministry I do in my flesh versus by the Spirit. It was humbling and convicting causing me to long for more of the Spirit in my life and ministry.”
Josiah Rogers, 36, Pastor - University of North Texas