Joshua Tree 2014 Testimonies

Joshua Tree Excursion February 19-27, 2014

The ninth WilderneSS trip to Joshua Tree National Park proved to be a difference maker in the lives of the participants. Read what each has to say about what God did in their life during their five days of solitude.

“This trip has had a profound impact on how I view God, myself, and my ministry. It has been an amazing experience full of desperation, satisfaction, pursuit, and vulnerability. I haven’t felt this desperate for the Lord and this satisfied by the Lord since the day I first came to know Christ.”
Vivake Baranwal, 26, Missionary, Ohio State




“This was absolutely significant in my life because it was big and grand and beautiful and hard and scary and healing and glorious all at once! You don’t walk away from an experience like this unchanged. I feel like God gave me an undivided heart and put a new spirit in me.”
Carol Oltman, 46, Mom, Pastor’s Wife, and Coach, Minnesota




“What an awesome experience of God meeting me here and working in my heart! I have encountered God here deeper than I ever have before. I feel renewed and more secure in who I am in the Lord. I feel freed from the need to constantly perform and prove myself so that I can instead deeply love others from my heart.”
Nate Dresbach, 24, Missionary, Ohio State




“This has been a significant time for me, God has taken me deeper into places of healing, I will remember it forever. I experienced God as Father and that I belong to him. Hopefully this trip will be a mile marker in my road to personal healing and intimacy with God.”
Carl Frost, 32, Pastor, Ball State




“This has been a great time of rest, reflection, and time with the Lord in the Word. Leaving here I worry about the ‘noise’ I’m returning to, but I’m hopeful that the things I was reminded of here in the desert will carry on.”
James Mitchell, 39, College Administrator, Ball State




“WilderneSS has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but it has also been one of the most beneficial. It’s amazing what being stripped of all my comforts, distractions, and defenses can do for my soul. Void of all the devices I usually run to in dealing with my anxieties I was forced into prayer, reflection, and scripture reading. This has been a very powerful experience for me. Hebrews 4:12 has never been more true in my heart.”
Brandon Clemens, 26, Missionary, Ball State




“I think this time will add to the lasting effect that my first WilderneSS trip had on my life in 2011, it feels like a meaningful continuation of that. It has reset me once again to throw off what hinders me in the world and set my mind on Christ.”
John Azoni, 29, Producer, Michigan




“The trajectory of my spiritual life has been reset, kind of a reboot. This is the re-orientation that I needed.”
Chad Frank, 37, Pastor, Kent State