Joshua Tree 2013 Testimonies

Joshua Tree Excursion February 20-28, 2013

Thirteen participants trekked into the Joshua Tree Desert this past February with the hope and prayer that they would hear from God. Read what they have to say about their experience as God was true to His word that those who seek will find.

“WilderneSS is an amazing experience. I can’t think of a program or conference that brings life change and refreshment as beautifully, powerfully, and consistently as WilderneSS. If I had to summarize my time it would be: Born Again, Again! This will have a lasting effect in my life and ministry. When you get a glimpse of His glory, hear his voice so clearly, and repent so humbly it changes a lot of things. Now, I just have to keep coming to the Well...”
Aaron Zink, 40, Worship Pastor, Ohio




“This time has been deeply significant in my journey of faith as my soul was restless as I am in a period of transition and healing. God met me here and heard my prayers. Because of this time alone with God, my heart and spirit are restored. I need to remember to practice silence and solitude more often through the year.”
Mike Hopkins, 42, Pastor, Ohio




“WilderneSS is one of the most spiritually, physically, and emotionally challenging things I’ve ever done. It strategically strips you of everything that distracts you from God and everything that you tend to value over God. You are left alone with God - a frightening idea, but ultimately deeply satisfying. This has been a powerful time for me.”
Jason Slack, 36, Pastor, Ohio




“I engaged God more passionately and more deeply out here with this complete focus on Him. My weakest discipline is prayer and I heard God say, Pray! Dave Pray! When I ran out of things to pray for He brought other things to mind. I hope this will be a watershed moment in my prayer life.”
Dave Lennander, 60, Pastor, Wisconsin




“This has been a huge moment in my life. In fact, I don’t think I will be the same. Understanding God as my guide has re-shaped my relationship with Him. This time has changed how I walk with God. I will be asking lots more questions and waiting for answers, like a child with his Dad.”
Patrick Schultz, 35, Pastor, North Dakota




“This was a spiritually awesome time. I felt like I heard from the Lord a lot. There were definitely some dry periods but the Lord would always come through and speak and answer. This time has helped me to discern the difference between my own thoughts and the Lord’s voice.”
Dan Luk, 28, Campus Missionary, Ohio




“This time has shown me what true fasting/struggle/solitude really is, I thought I knew but didn’t. It has helped me put more faith and reliance on Him. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted.”
Joey Mako, 23, Bank Teller, Ohio




“It brought my relationship with God back into focus. It was like having a fresh start. God showed me that He still wants to talk to me, that He’s with me all the time and has plenty to say to me if I will only listen.”
John Ference, 53, Engineer, Ohio




“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was definitely rewarding, but not in the ways I was expecting. I plan on engaging more with my life and responsibilities through prayer and cultivating an awareness of God’s presence.”
Karl Meisterheim, 33, Campus Missionary, Ohio




“The greatest thing God did in my solitude was be with me. I did not struggle with loneliness as I have in past WilderneSS trips. God also specifically spoke to me in some areas of my life that lifted the weight of my heart and filled me with hope.”
Nathan Sjogren, 35, Pastor, Michigan




“WilderneSS is not for our Apple loving, device craving, plugged in society. It’s hard to prepare yourself for this level of disconnect, but it is good for the soul. I feel more connected to Jesus than when I got here.”
Mike Klunke, 39, Pastor, Illinois





“I was struggling to turn around some failures in my life and return to my first love. I tried, but seemed powerless to turn around. God used this time to achieve that regained faith and strength. This time ought to revolutionize my devotional life.”
Paul Marshall, 52, Library Manager, Ohio





“It was really challenging physically and emotionally which made it really good spiritually. I believe this time is a step forward in my growth and healing, which will have a ripple effect in my life and ministry.”
Kyle Winters, 31, Pastor, Ohio