Colorado 2012 Testimonies

Colorado Excursion
July 18-26, 2012

The first trip to Colorado since 2008 is one that the participants will take with them for a lifetime. Read what God did in their lives this past July in the mountains of central Colorado.

“I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a spiritual ‘exercise’ that has been so difficult and yet so profound. This counts as one of those times in my 30 year faith journey where God really marked me and lovingly dealt with me in a deep and painful way. Experiencing the presence of God here has marked my soul.”
Doug Patterson, 48, Pastor, Minneapolis, MN




“I have never sensed God’s presence and guidance as much as this week. From the start he spoke powerfully to my heart - so much so that it was emotionally exhausting. There is no place in my life where I’ve been able to meet with God more effectively than at WilderneSS.” (This was Fred’s second WilderneSS trip)
Fred Kirstein, 28, Missionary, University of Illinois




“WilderneSS is a significant marker in my journey with Christ. I came to Colorado with a heavy heart, weighted down by life’s questions and worries. My joy was vanishing. Now I am in awe of Jesus and have a greater peace in my spirit as I return home. WilderneSS was exactly what my soul needed. My soul is now quiet before the Lord and I have a renewed joy in him.”
Jonathan King, 29, Missionary, University of Illinois




“WilderneSS is a profound experience in every way. I would summarize my five days of solitude as a restoration of what had crumbled over the years. I asked God if this time will have a lasting affect on my life, in short he answered yes - I agree with him.”
Carol Oltman, 44, Pastor’s wife & mom, Minneapolis, MN




“I think that some may have a misconception about WilderneSS. It is not a camping trip or a ‘restful getaway’. It is a spiritual, physical, and emotional battle, which, in my experience, has always led to a deeper intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ.” (This was Rusty’s second WilderneSS trip)
Rusty Grunditz, 39, Business Owner, Minneapolis, MN




“This was an amazing experience! I encountered God here!! This has been very significant in my journey of faith. I always believed in God, but had some lingering doubts. Now I have no doubt that he is real - I have experienced him here!”
Ken Schacher, 50, Project Manager, Minneapolis, MN




“I love sound doctrine and discussing the things of God. I love morals and laws and things that are evidence of a good walk. But LORD, oh LORD, glory on top of glory, he romanced me... he did not hide his face from me. There are moments with God out here that I want to remember forever. My heart for God and his Word has been rekindled.”
Alan Hable, 26, Missionary, University of Illinois




“WilderneSS was a physically difficult, yet spiritually and emotionally uplifting time for me. I learned to wait upon the Lord and he will answer in his time. This time has helped me to depend on God, accept his faithful love, and appreciate who he has made me to be.”
Matthew Dobsch, 30, Engineer, Champaign, IL




“I’ve struggled knowing God just intellectually and not emotionally or from the heart, but I felt his love for me out here in a way I’ve never experienced before. God showing himself to me in such a real way has provided me with so much encouragement - I feel incredibly refreshed.”
Cheryl Hudson, 40, Wife & Mom, Minneapolis, MN




“I believe this time will have a lasting affect on my life and ministry because of the significance of spending five days specifically with God reveling in him and his creation. There are many specific things that this time has helped to reinforce to me that I should do.”
Dave Wheeler, 41, Engineer, Champaign, IL