Joshua Tree 2010 Testimonies

Joshua Tree Excursion
February 23 - March 3, 2010

The desert once again proved to be a great place to seek God during five days of isolating solitude. Read how God showed up in the lives of this year's Joshua Tree WilderneSS participants.

“I came to WilderneSS angry at God, frustrated with myself, and discouraged. I’m leaving at peace with God, alive in my heart, and full of hope.” Steve Reed, 47, Pastor, Orlando, FL





“This time may be the most significant moment in my faith journey, it has drawn me back into the loving arms of the Father in a way that has changed the way I view myself and the world. WilderneSS enabled me to continue meditating on God’s word when normally I would have given up to watch TV or go out to eat. My spirit is richer than it has ever been. I can’t wait to get home and make meditation of the scriptures a soul nourishing treat instead of a boring exercise.” Mark Brown, 29, Youth Ministry Director, Detroit, MI



“I had so many questions coming into this, so many storms brewing in my soul. At first I longed for a meal, my Ipod, voices, TV, anything to break the silence, but then found myself reveling in and enjoying God in a way that I hadn’t for a long time. So many times I thought I was spent and that God could show me no more, but he kept breaking through. To be with God, to be dependent on him, and to experience the joy of his presence was profoundly moving and deeply satisfying” Andy Gray, 43, Pastor, Minneapolis, MN



“These days have been very fruitful and impactful on my heart. I am a broken, humbled, changed man - at the foot of the cross - still having some questions but looking to Christ and to heaven.” Rusty Grunditz, 36, Business Owner, Minneapolis, MN




“Day 1: Enthusiastic stillness surrounds an active mind. Day 2: Physical suffering, anger, fear, empathy, weeping. Day 3: Recognize depth of God’s profound silence. Day 4: Joyful enjoyment of the Lord’s peace. Day 5: Reflection and creative response from the summit ... I hope soon my wife can have an experience like this so that together we can set new bearings as a family” Adam O’Hern, 27, Maker, Los Angeles, CA




“This was the best time I’ve had with God for a very long time, a time of true re-connection. God laid open my life and brought me to a place of confession which truly opened up to me the Lord’s mercy.” Cannon Ingalls, 37, Paramedic, Columbia, MO