Vision & Mission

WilderneSS offers carefully designed Wilderness Spiritual Solitude excursions that provide life transforming spiritual training for the leaders of today … and tomorrow.

Vision & Mission

The VISION of WilderneSS is to inspire leaders to pursue deeper intimacy with the Lord.

“God, you are my God, I am seeking you, my soul is thirsting for you, my flesh is longing for you, in a land parched, weary and waterless; I long to gaze on you in the Sanctuary, and to see your power and glory."
David in the Wilderness of Judah, Psalm 63:1-2 (Jerusalem Bible)

The MISSION of WilderneSS is to engage leaders and emerging leaders in spiritual practices that facilitate profound connection with God and life transformation.

WilderneSS participants are led into the practice of a number of spiritual disciplines in a way that most have never before experienced - making their experience very unique and powerful. Lessons are learned that are drawn upon for years and changes are made in their practice of seeking the Lord that put them firmly on the path of greater intimacy with the Lord and deep life transformation.

The ultimate goal of WilderneSS is to help Christians become increasingly more like Christ and bring Glory to God.

WilderneSS excursions have proven to bring about profound times of spiritual discovery and life transformation in the lives of participants. Through their initial experience with this ministry, and the continued practice of actively pursuing the Lord in solitude, many are experiencing new levels of how healing and transforming God can be in their lives. The hope of WilderneSS is to help develop authentic spiritual leaders who powerfully bring Christ to the people they lead and to a lost world.

A Refining Solitude

WilderneSS excursions are designed to be one of the most rigorous emotional and spiritual challenges that a leader or emerging leader may voluntarily encounter in our modern world. These isolating times of solitude expose idolatry and sin and reveal the things that serve to preoccupy and blind us to our own lack of intimacy with the Lord. They serve as strong reminders to regularly enter into the healing and transforming presence of the Lord - lest we settle for something much less.

"Don't you feel a tug, a yearning to sink down into the silence and solitude of God? Don't you long for something more? Doesn't every breath crave a deeper, fuller exposure to his Presence? It is the discipline of solitude that will open the door." - Richard Foster