Colorado 2007 Testimonies

Colorado Excursion
July 6 - 14, 2007

So what did God do in the lives of these nine WilderneSS participants? Click on 'read more' to find out how God used five days of solitude to profoundly speak into their lives!

“For awhile now I’ve been struggling with uncertainty about my calling and bitterness toward God. It was like my heart was polluted and I didn’t know how to give my whole heart to the life God’s called me to. Getting away from all the polluting factors helped breath fresh perspective and fresh air into my life. WilderneSS is sending me back home reinvigorated to embrace life and my ministry.” Fred Kirstein – GCM Staff, U. of Illinois

“Few times in my life have been as emotionally and physically trying as my time in the Colorado wilderness and few times have been as spiritually refreshing. This time has rekindled my love for God and deepened it, like a breath of life to a collapsed lung. I can’t imagine anyone walking away from WilderneSS unchanged.” Nick Modrzejewski – U. of Illinois

“WilderneSS has helped me trust God more, believing he is for me, I feel we are starting to be best friends. He has healed some wounds out here. I have learned what he thinks about me in a way that seems real and personal. It went to my heart, it’s no longer just in my head.” Joel Chandler – GCM Staff, Ball State U.

“In my life I have zero chances of quieting all of the voices begging for my attention. WilderneSS gives me the platform for all these voices to fall to the wayside. I think every relatively mature believer should do something like WilderneSS.” (This was Chad’s third WLT trip.) Chad Frank – GCM Staff, BGSU

“I came into WilderneSS with a lot of fear. Would God meet me? Would he welcome me? God did indeed meet me and he welcomed me and he restored me from deep shame I carry. WilderneSS has been significant for me in that God helped me see how he sees me in Christ again.” John Allen – Pastor, U. of Michigan

“Great experience spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I am really glad I came. God definitely fulfilled His promise in Hosea 2:14, “Therefore, behold I will allure her (Israel), bring her into the wilderness, and speak to her heart.” Paul Meiburger – Missionary, Torino, Italy>/p>

“It was amazing, challenging, and hard but overall a joy to be solely in God’s presence for this length of time. He came to me and showed me what I need to do in different areas of my life and ministry. I feel like spiritually it has changed the way I pursue God.” Wes Cribbs – GCM Staff, BGSU

“I would say that this has been one of the most spiritual times I have experienced. Though some days were very tough God was there during all of them. Overall WilderneSS was exactly what I needed to bring myself into the presence of our Lord. This time has given me peace as to where God has me in life and pointed me in directions that I need to grow in.” Rob Warren – BGSU

“I’ve never been so separated from all I have come to rely on for my daily happiness. This time has helped me realize how impatient I am with hearing from God. How I praise him for things that please me but curse (maybe not directly at him) for things that are uncomfortable, hard or not my desire. Leaving here I know I cannot go on living life so casually in my relationship with God.” Tim Kingery – U. of Illinois