Excursion Overview

WilderneSS utilizes remote wilderness locations to completely remove participants from the distractions and compulsions of modern society.

WilderneSS provides participants five days of isolation and solitude in a wilderness setting in which to seek God and to reflect deeply on their lives. The potential to go deeper with God, receive clear direction, and experience profound life transformation is immeasurable.

The five days of solitude include three days of fasting and one day of silence. Including the travel days of departing and returning home WilderneSS excursions are nine days in length. Seven full days away from home is all it takes to experience the benefits of WilderneSS.

While the WilderneSS excursions are designed with the individual’s personal relationship with Christ in mind they also serve to bond together leadership teams, parent and child relationships, and leaders from various churches. As a result the excursions help to build unity in families, churches, and the greater body of Christ.

Previous camping experience is not a prerequisite in order to participate in an excursion. Pre-excursion training is thorough as it relates to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and logistical aspects of the excursion.

The amount and type of equipment, clothing, and food is set by WilderneSS. This is an important part of the overall strategy of the program that insures the best possible outcome for the participants of WilderneSS.

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