Joshua Tree: January 2006 Pictures

Here are some pictures from the inaugural Joshua Tree Desert Excursion. The stark beauty and desolate nature of the desert environment made it an ideal location for a WilderneSS excursion. WilderneSS is excited about adding this new excursion as more participants can now experience the life transforming spiritual training that WilderneSS offers.

Loading our water before hitting the trail.

L to R: Mark Groff, Beau McCarthy, Darryl Phillips, Greg Christman, Alan Moore, & Mike Hopkins

Making our way up a wash.

Greg meets a Cholla cactus (right ankle). His expression is one of sincere pain.

Helping each other with our packs; water + gear = heavy pack.

Our campsite was nestled amongst huge rocks with great views of the surrounding mountains.

View of our camp area - large rock on left is about 70 feet high.

During our five days of solitude we could wander in washes filled with interesting rock formations...

or climb mountains filled with interesting rock formations...

...or hike through interesting rock formations on the way to a remote and seldom visited oasis.

A 100 foot high rock whale jumping out of the desert floor.

Each night we were treated to magnificent sunsets.

Hanging out on our last night in the desert.

Leaving the desert we grew to love.

Just minutes away from a good meal before heading back to LAX.

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