Joshua Tree: January 2006 Testimonies

The inaugural Joshua Tree excursion proved to be just as life changing as the Colorado mountain excursion has been since its inaugural trip in 2002. Check out what the participants had to say about their time in the desert.

“The first day was a shell shock - I'm going to be alone for five days and fast for three? I eased into it, but it was tough: hunger pains, missing people, missing 'things', but this was a good shock. It broke me. I found not so much an action plan for the next ten years or great anecdotal visionary statements - but I found God - His love - and see more clearly His sole desire to be in relationship with me.”
- Greg Christman, 31, GCM Missionary, USC, Los Angeles, California


“(WilderneSS has been a significant moment in my journey of faith) as I have never before been under such an intense spiritual magnifying glass. I learned that my lack of love for others was disgusting. I learned that my lack of love for God was evident. I learned that my longing of approval from others is what has driven me for some time. I learned that I am weak and want for the most part to be comfortable, well fed, and worry free. I learned that God was gracious to show me these things ... His gift was repentance and His arms of love were around me ... in exposing my sin I found freedom and life, joy and peace. If by God’s grace and by a willing spirit I apply the teachings from this week my life and ministry will never be the same.”
- Beau McCarthy, 32, Church leader - Genesis Church, Detroit, Michigan


“Am I ready to leave the desert – yes! I want real food, caffeinated anything, and a long shower. I want my family, my home, and my friends. But in a way I will dearly miss this place – the coarse rocks, gravely sand, sharp pokey plants, the animals, the vast mountains, the sky, the sunsets, the warmth of a sun baked rock. And I will miss my friends that went on this journey with me. This place goes home with me though. I will never fully leave it. I take home the dust on my gear, the stains on my clothes, scratches on my bible, a few rocks to put on my desk at home, and a journal full of questions, and lists, and answers, and verses – but most importantly I leave here with a heart that is more understanding of grace. The desert is where I found this grace – this love that my Father has for me.”
- Alan Moore, 31, GCM Missionary, University of Florida


“I’m very grateful for the intentional time of solitude, peace, and focus on what God had in store for my heart. Breaking away from routine and relationships not only drew me closer to God but will likewise draw me closer to the significant people in my life.”
- Mark Groff, 42, GCM Missions Coordinator, Orlando, Florida


“I came into WilderneSS with prayerful hopes and requests and God came to me in such a vibrant way - far more powerful than I expected. I went to bed longing for morning so I could be with Him more. I could not believe the hunger he gave me for His word - I just could not get enough. On the final evening of solitude I was actually sad to have to share time with anyone but God - I am a true extrovert so I was shocked to feel that way. God was awesome in this time.” “Thanks Darryl for stepping up and helping leaders lead. I believe that you have found a great way to tap into the hearts of busy men who need to slow down and listen to the Maker.”
- Mike Hopkins, 35, Church leader, Rock Community Church, Cleveland, Ohio

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