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WilderneSS is helping to develop spiritual leaders who powerfully bring Christ to the people they lead and to a lost world.

There are four specific ways you can help support WilderneSS.

WilderneSS needs your prayers. With a focus on serving pastors and church leaders the opportunity to help Kingdom leaders effectively and powerfully bring Christ to the people they lead and to a lost world is endless. Your prayers are valued and will make a difference.

As an employee of Great Commission Ministries(GCM), Darryl Phillips, the Director of WilderneSS, raises 100% of his salary, benefits, and ministry expenses. His salary is set by GCM and his ministry partners send their financial support directly to GCM. Support of any amount and frequency is greatly appreciated.

Please Note: WilderneSS is not the only ministry responsibility that Darryl has with GCM. To read about Darryl's full ministry with GCM click on the prompt below.

GCM is a member of the ECFA and is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Gifts to GCM are tax deductible. To learn more about GCM visit GCM's Website.

Many leaders that participate in WilderneSS are college students, seminary students, pastors of collegiate churches, and missionaries. Some may lack the resources to experience the training that WilderneSS offers. Should you sponsor a WilderneSS participant they will correspond directly with you before and after their experience at WilderneSS - unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

The donation of camping equipment is another way to relieve the financial burden on WilderneSS participants.

To inquire further about how you can support WilderneSS simply click on ‘contact’ below to send an email message to Darryl.
Thank you for your interest in WilderneSS.

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